Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Review Vs Mi 10 Comparison

Mi 10 Pro Review with Mi 10 Pro Vs Mi 10 comparison including camera comparison, speakers, screens, charging, battery life, cameras and all compared in this review. Bought from TradingShenzhen here: Mi 10 Full Review:

00:00 – Intro
01:01 – Build
02:46 – Better screen?
03:40 – Speaker tests
05:05 – Gaming
05:26 – Charge test Vs Mi 10
06:23 – Benchmarks
09:17 – Camera
10:02 – Camera comparison
14:03 – Battery life
15:00 – Recap with Pros & Cons

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31 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Review Vs Mi 10 Comparison”

  1. Let's do It

    I am from india should i buy mi 10 for camera shootouts not for zooming. I only have to get for photos for modeling should i choose mi 10 vs OnePlus 8 pro

  2. Billy The Butcher

    The first reviewer I've seen claiming a significant difference in audio between these phones. Everyone else say its almost the same, just that the pro version is SLIGHTLY better.

  3. Вадим Минтусов

    Thanks a lot! I've watched numerous comparison videos in my native language but they were not enough for me to come to a conclusion. Thank God the youtube algorithm suggested a good video for once. You've made a great job, thanks!

  4. AleX Claudiu

    Why no one will talk about the Pro mode of this amazing camera? I can count on finger how many phones have focus peaking in the camera app. It ia really useful for alot of people but no one talks about it on youtube reviews.

  5. Luciano Bueno

    Very nice channel, one of the best reviews about tech that we can find on YT. I simply can't decide between mi10 and OnePlus 8, will you make a op8 review in the future? Keep up the excelent work. We all thank you.

  6. Xalalalala's Attic Treats

    Well the "announced" price isn't quite right making the pro cost €100+ in several countries. Analyzing it now it doesn't seem to worth the difference if you're a regular user. If you're into digital photography on the go then it might worth the difference, other than that it's not. Better keep the money and invest in some good wireless earbuds or have a nice lobster meal 😂👍

  7. frank Charles

    Hi Chris I'm looking at the China version because I've heard its dual sim, whereas the global version is single. Any chance you confirm? Also Is it possible to use an External mic using the USB-C to headphones jack?

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