Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro review

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is a flagship phone with a flagship price if you get what we mean. This means high expectations and less room for compromise. But we’re glad to see that the Mi 10 Pro delivers. Check out our review where we go through the phone’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life and charging speed, and performance. Stay tuned for our detailed camera review.

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45 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro review”

  1. Jan Espera

    I said it, and I will say it again, I hate it when phones don't have SD card slots, all the data and files are stored in the phone, what if the phone breaks, and the SD card may be still intact? Your files will be safe if the card survives.

  2. Yunpeng Zhu

    I recently bought a Xiaomi mi 10 pro at tradingshenzhen, the phone came perfect but it came with fake cover and fake charger. The cover is soft silicone when xiaomi gives you hard premium silicone that protects you phone. The charger from tradingshenzhen isn't 65W, it needs 1hour 40 mins to fully charge the phone, when xiaomi charger with 65W only needs 40 mins, I sent a video to them and told them about this problem and they just said that now Xiaomi itself put those fake things with the phone…really? becarefull guys I feel scammed and only wanted to let people know, RETHINK TWICE BEFORE BUYING THERE!!

  3. lix

    Thank you GSMArena for this another great review,,, I'm always watching your reviews..

    This phone is best for online class I think,, but I can't afford it.


    Thanks God bless

  4. Jero Me

    Because of the base model of the Samsung Galaxy S20 having the Exynos chip and not having 5G here in the Pholippines at $1000 (Php 49,990) and Huawei P40 series not having the Google services, I think Mi 10 Pro is the best option for me.

  5. Natsuki Rei

    i just have a question as i have a Mi 9 which was great for a year besides 2 things, 1. ads and 2. themes are on the low end of availability

    I am one of those people who doesnt care for stock, i like to spice up my phone, i like themes, i like fancy buttons, i was wondering how the Mi 10 is with themes, icons, icon packs etc and availability of them vs oneplus and samsung

  6. George Johnson

    I bought the Mi10 from Mi India vide Order Id: 5200708251030106

    One of the worst phones from Xiaomi ..by the ridiculous indian version of MIUI they have literally screwed up all the features of genuine MIUI.
    I have all the Mi phones from Mi4, Mi5, Mi6 and Mi9.
    And among all Mi10 is the worst.
    It has no automatic call recording.
    It has used the google phone dialler, which is much inferior in features in terms of the MIUI dialler.
    You cannot even search the messages. Even the contacts cannot be updated and searched.

    I posted a review in Mi site, but they did not publish it.

    Now it is seen that Mi India is playing fraud on Indian Customers.

    Please dont buy this phone, its not worth it

  7. Todd M

    This phone has horrible color science purple fringing and 108meg camera mode has rainbow effect..the battery gets very hot…and the MI browser interferes with normal search's…I don't recommend this phone..the curve is subject to easy cracks if you drop it.I would not recommend this phone.Battery is good.

  8. SZ Foo

    Any owners here? Realised that the 4G or mobile data disconnects after awhile but the signal bar is at full strength. Tried restarting and switching on/off airplane mode to no avail. Temp fix is to swap sim cards. No issues with sim card thouggh as it works with other phones. Any idea how to fix this?

  9. Jatinder

    All good but the thing is if u wanna play competetive esports like pubg, cod without frame drops due to performance issues.

    Then, iphone is best. These flashy androids slow down a LOT! after an year or so.

    I guess, smooth pubg gameplay requires a kidney sacrifice 🤷‍♀️

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