Xiaomi Mi 10 Review – Finally They Fixed It!

Xiaomi Mi 10 review & unboxing. A detailed in-depth look at Xiaomi’s new 5G Snapgradon 865 flagship. Including photo & video, day and night samples from the 108MP sensor. I ordered this from TradingShenzhen here:

00:00 – Intro
01:38 – Size & weight
01:51 – Build & design
04:05 – Screen
05:19 – Antutu V8
05:49 – Performance & ROM
08:34 – Benchmarks
09:49 – Finger & face unlock
10:30 – Gaming
11:49 – Audio speaker sample
12:49 – Call quality sample
13:02 – Photo samples
15:07 – Video samples
16:42 – 8k video
18:21 – Battery life
18:47 – Final words
19:41 – Pros & Cons

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6.67” SAMOLED (90hz)

FHD+ 1080 x 2340
SD865 (7nm)
128GB UFS 3.0
Wifi 6 / BT 5 / D.F GPS
108MP f1.69 main camera

8k30 max video

front 20MP f2.0 camera
13MP f2.4 ultrawide

2MP f2.4 macro
2MP depth camera
Type-C USB 2.0

4780MaH battery
30W wireless charging
5W inverted wireless charging
65W charging support (not included)
Android 10 / MIUI 11

8k video sample download: 4k60 video sample download:

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25 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 10 Review – Finally They Fixed It!”

  1. North Face

    I got this phone around a week ago! Moved from an I phone 11 and WOW. Im literally blown away! I've been with Apple for years, and really didn't have the highest of expectations but this phone is AMAZING!

  2. lexannyhairs official

    I'm using this phone now, and it's thanks to Tech Tablet, for the awesome thorough review. Really really helpful. Thanks again for this Xiaomi Mi 10 review, you're channel is really the "go to" When considering to buy new phone. Will recommend your channel to everyone I know.

  3. Rumble

    I just ordered this. ~$10/month for 24 months. I think that's a steal considering it's just a 24 month renewal of my current contract.

  4. the cosmic one

    Here in Germany I can get xiaomi mi 10 for 400€ or
    Samsung s20 for 450-500
    Please tell me which one would u pick?
    Do I have to buy the one that I like (xiaomi) or the one that is better (Samsung)?

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