Xiaomi Mi 10 Review One Week Later!

Xiaomi Mi 10 one week later review. Including thermal throttling test, surface temps, battery life & any bugs? Standby battery drain test & thoughts on the cameras Vs other flagships. I got this here: Mi 10 Full Review:
Mi 10 vs S10+ camera comparison:
Mi 10 Vs Huawei P30 Pro:
Mi 10 Vs Mi Note 10:

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27 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 10 Review One Week Later!”

  1. Natsuki Rei

    @TechTablets love your reviews man, you are honest and its fantastic, i just have a question as i have a Mi 9 which was great for a year besides 2 things, 1. ads and 2. themes are on the low end of availability

    I am one of those people who doesnt care for stock, i like to spice up my phone, i like themes, i like fancy buttons, i was wondering how the Mi 10 is with themes, icons, icon packs etc and availability of them vs oneplus and samsung

  2. Michael Wanyoike

    2:08 I have a Redmi S2 and the battery performance behaves the same during standby. It never used to be like this until I upgraded the firmware. Hoping the next firmware will fix this problem.

  3. European Fox

    I don't get why these reviews always bash Xiaomi battery life drain on standby, I am literally getting 0% battery loss during a 6 hour sleep so unless you eople sleep for days at a time, I am skeptical.

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