Xiaomi Mi 10 Review.

Xiaomi Mi 10 full review. Xiaomi have upgraded so many things in this phone compared to the Mi 9 in terms of the hardware – cameras, internals, haptics, speakers and charging all see improvement.

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48 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 10 Review.”

  1. Arif Ahmed

    Does anyone know when this will come to the UK (Plus is the curved screen annoying? Don't know if that will annoy me as I play games and movies often)
    Willing to get it for the specs and features, seems like a great phone.

  2. Brent Viñeza

    Why xiaomi put the speakers at that position, once you are gaming your hands will block it off 😣 i was considering this one from my Xiaomi Mi 9, yet i might go instead K30 Pro 🙃

  3. A. van Mourik

    I'll never understand why reviewers always have such focus on the speakers.
    Music, stream to you speakers or use a headphone. Watch movie/tv, use headphones or stream to your TV. Quick random video, sound quality doesn't matter!

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