Xiaomi Mi 10 ULTRA 120W Charging And 120X Zoom Test

Xiaomi’s latest phone is a 10th anniversary celebration device with the most premium specs, aka 120 everrrrything. OLED screen with 120Hz refresh rate; 120X max digital zoom; 120W charging.
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44 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 10 ULTRA 120W Charging And 120X Zoom Test”

  1. jetski Dex

    I’m soooooo happy you reviewed this. And man I need to move back to Hong Kong, I wanna get my hands on some tech that won’t be released worldwide. You make me miss HK!!!

  2. WLM Wielston


  3. Action_Benson

    Great review, and perfectly timing! I live in Hong Kong too and was able to go to the mobile phone building on Argyle the day I saw your video to get an Ultra. The camera is incredible and it was super easy to get the play store.

  4. Stephan Hart

    I just bought the mi 10 pro 12gb X 512gb. Arriving tomorrow. I Thought the Ultra was China only but found out today I can get it. There is a 16gb Ram variant of the ultra. The pro is only 90hz and 50watt charging plus the camera difference but same processor and a few mobile frequency advantages for the ultra. I really want the Ultra but the same config with 16GB vs.12 ram is $350 more. Even the pro I see being overpriced if you shop the wrong site. Do you think the Ultra is worth the $350 US premium? I can probably sell the Pro for what I paid for it here in the states. Also is the screen curvature that dramatically different between them? I thought they were identical visually besides the camera. Thank you

  5. drdj69

    whats the point of this phone when non of the other countries can buy it except china? sad. i wish xiaomi will think out of the box

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