Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Has Serious Spec List

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27 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Has Serious Spec List”

  1. thestevest steve

    I have one, it's legit, absolutely zero complaints. I haven't used the Samsung 20 series but I can't imagine that they are worth paying hundreds more than you would for this… Flossy certified hottness.

  2. Marius Pmi

    i get the K30 5G and i broke it in 11 days display fails and a lot of green piksels on my screen. Value for less i don't know …my first experience was bad

  3. Mo Mo

    In short about Mi 10 ULTRA … in 10 minutes sales of $ 48 million … If this is not ULTRA either?!? The photos are close to perfection …Exceptionally the sensor used, produced by Omnivision, large surface, not many pixels and as much light as possible on them.Plus the software, of course (dual 8K (it's the only one in the world with something like that), front-rear combinations at the same time) ….Will this Mi 10 ULTRA mark another premiere: to be the first phone in the world that doesn't need a Gcam?!?!?

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