Xiaomi Mi 10 ULTRA – OMG.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Official Look & Unboxing Video. Full Specs 120W Charging, 120X Zoom, 50W Wireless charging & More. World’s First Transparent TV is announced as well & More news. Xiaomi has shocked the world indeed.

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25 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 10 ULTRA – OMG.”

  1. Flaming Hedgehog

    Why are phone reviewers all so fascinated with the back of phones? The screen is on the front, it lives on it's back and most will put a cover on it anyway so it doesn't slide around and then crack the minute it touches something. Then cameras… a phone needs a reasonable camera but this obsession with them is almost childish. If you need great photos then buy a freakin camera, ever seen a pro photo journalist just snapping shots on a phone? Lets see it's receive sensitivity on the fringes of reception and call audio quality and noise cancellation tested as, now don't be shocked here, IT'S A PHONE!

  2. gracefully unknown

    We are in an era that companies lost the feeling of shame when they frankly copy names, designs ect. Like apple made the square design now even single cameras has a square housing, and samsung started their ultra trademark and xiomi took it simply

    Edit: after watching the video, I'm impressed!

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