Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra – The new number 1 smartphone camera!

Description: The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra comes with a quad-camera setup that includes dual-tele cameras and an ultra-wide module. The Mi 10 Ultra is the new number one in the DXOMARK Camera ranking. It’s particularly impressive in the wide and zoom sections, making it an ideal choice for those who want a zoom range as big as possible without compromising on image quality. It’s also a great tool for mobile videographers, offering excellent overall video quality with efficient stabilization at 4K and a fast 60fps frame rate that makes for super-smooth panning and motion.

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27 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra – The new number 1 smartphone camera!”

  1. rick the walking dead

    Unlike other companies, Samsung puts the screen settings of its phones in the best possible condition, which you, the DXO collection, declare in complete disbelief without any experience or evidence. The screen of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the best in the world, which is by no means the best.

  2. rick the walking dead

    Your reviews and ratings of the camera of the phones are completely wrong and false, especially since you have recently surprisingly also checked the screen of the phone, which is really funny.

  3. Ben XUE

    How much money do Chinese companies pay you guys? Now all top scores are coming from Chinese companies. Coincidence? I think not.

    And you guys’ reviewers are inconsistent with all other reviewers, especially the Note 20 Ultra review. I am not a Sumsang fan but I just want a honest review.

    Such a joke

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