Xiaomi Mi 8 Hands-on: Incredible Value for Money Trumps Controversy

Read more: | David took a look at the Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi 8 Explorer Edition in San Francisco. Do they live up to the hype?

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41 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 8 Hands-on: Incredible Value for Money Trumps Controversy”

  1. David Imel

    Hey guys, opinions on this? I personally think the phone looks sick so I'm not really worried about the components actually looking like that or not. Anyways would love to hear your thoughts!

  2. Paul DeShield

    I have the transparent Mi 8 pro and the fact that it's not the actual components that operate within the phone doesn't bother me. It has a unique look and anyone who knows devices knows it wouldn't be a good idea thermally speaking to put the actual SoC right under glass.

  3. mr man

    I was looking at this phone, but opted for a secondhand Samsung galaxy note 8. Purely because it was a good price and for the s pen. The facelock on the Samsung is pants, the battery is ok, but it's doesn't have the excellent mui user interface of Xiaomi. My next phone will be a Xiaomi.

  4. Simon

    You forgot to mention googly pay often didn't work , depending on what firmware is loaded. And why on earth didn't you show a selfie example.

  5. WC3Gaming

    $1050 for Mi 8 Explorer, vs $628 for Mi 8 in Australia. $422 extra for what? extra 2GB ram that's not needed and decorative design.. yeah no thx, the price difference is just way too much. just my opinion.

  6. xolani lamane

    If the transparent body is part of the design then they nailed it! That is some technical spec design that went beyond the regular and I'm impressed indeed!

  7. Josh Darnit

    I've had an iPhone X for about a year. I'm still not a fan of the (larger) notch. I'm kind of bummed to see other phones following suite. Definitely digging the in-display fingerprint scanner. Really wish apple would implement that (and the Pixel).

  8. Xenith Hackerhoke

    The problem with xiaomi is their software I owned the note 1,2,3,4 got sick of the software and the fact that I had to find a way to get google play store on but the value for the $ wss amazing 200$ phones that are worth like 400$

  9. Moreno Sjamsoeddin

    good phone but wait… a notch?? Definitely an IphoneX copy. The transparent back cover looks good but a Notch is a deal breaker to me. Instead of buying this I prefer to wait the Mi Mix 3, a masterpiece and original design from Xiaomi

  10. Marian

    I doubted from the start those components on the back are real. The CPU and the other components need to be shielded in order to work properly.

  11. Dizzy Fate

    Lol! Xiaomi? damn this company sucks! this is the problem when you outsource your manufacturing to china. there are no laws such as copyright or patent infringement. it's just a copy of the iPhone X and the HTC-U12 with a touch of Vivo X21 sandwiched. there is nothing revolutionary about it; and the more accurate GPS? makes any user an easy target.

  12. PhoenixFPV

    The real interesting device in the MI 8 line is the SE. Cheaper, small enough for one handed operation and the 710 soc. That soc is a 845 optimized for battery life and it shows.

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