Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite/Youth Edition Tips & Tricks! 11 Useful Tips

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite (Youth Edition) Tips & Tricks! 10 Useful Tips
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23 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite/Youth Edition Tips & Tricks! 11 Useful Tips”

  1. TheAliRatedr

    The voice of this man is so decent and attractive. He reminds me the voice of CBA-comics by arslan(who is also a great Pakistani youtuber).
    Anyways Good work. Thumbs up ??

  2. Orrin Jones

    lol as a developer it's always funny when I hear people talk about the developer settings like they are stuff to play with. There is a reason why they are hidden they are meant for debugging your application not changing the phones features.

  3. hari suthar

    Tech World will you improve or no? Your video is purely bogus, you do not have tongue so you put boring back ground music. I keep watching your video incomplete. At the end, hell with you, a bogus, unemployed youtuber wasting lot viewers time.

  4. Mask Ro

    I want to buy a phone (ofc) and i don't know what to choose between Honor 8X and Xiaomi 8 Lite because (im gonna list my pros and cons of the phone )
    Honor 8X
    Pros:Bigger battery,Headphone jack,bigger display
    Cons:No fast charge,video s*cks and i read somewhere that Emui don't get so many updates as Miui
    Xiaomi mi 8 lite:
    Pros:Fast charge,good video,better performance (from what reviews says)
    Cons:No headphone jack,small battery…

    Give me some tips pls!!
    Ps:who got a better camera because i can't see any diferences… And do they heat? (More than 42C°+?) I want a phone that will survive more than 2 years under lot of Youtube,Movies and games (Pubg,Moba,MMO's…)

  5. Paul Alive

    Thanks a lot for great video. Sir I would like to buy this mi 8 lite global version 6/128 dream blue . Would you help me out to get it? Plzzzzzzzzz reply me Sir. I do live in India.

  6. Wazzup TV

    Hey man, great video! Also awesome tricks. I am thinking of purchasing one, my biggest concern is the battery life. How good is the battery life on a daily use no gaming but lots of social media and youtube ? What is your daily use of the mi8 lite ? Also do you thibk the 6 gb 128 version worth the money ? Thanks for your answer in advance and keep up the good work !

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