Xiaomi Mi 8 long-term review

Our regular video reviews may sometimes miss on certain aspects of a smartphone. This is where our long-term reviews step in!

In this LONG-TERM video review, Vlad will let you know what the Xiaomi Mi 8 was like to live with for an extended period of time.

0:42 Design
1:23 Screen
1:48 Notch
2:21 Biometrics
2:53 Camera
3:34 Performance
3:55 Battery
4:31 MIUI
5:33 Small Nuisances

Is 8 really so lucky a number and is there a real deal breaker among its downsides? Buckle up, and let’s get going.

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45 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 8 long-term review”

  1. Alfian Rachman

    I got this mi8 standard version, unlocked it and install havoc + gapps for pixel taste, and don't forget install pixel 3 gcam that's 99% feature worked flawlessly
    Just Can't got happier than this

  2. Wasim Main

    i have MI 8 globel version..one of the best phone…it compete any other brands like iphone or samsung..fast charging and battery last long time..camera is great…

  3. Gado G

    ? could you please answer this question, I want to order the phone before that I want to make sure it's compatible with MetroPCS bands, I need to use the internet while I am taking a call, please help ????

  4. Almoataz Mohamed

    No headphone jack – use wireless headphones
    No IP Rating – Don’t drop it in water
    No wireless charging – use wired charger
    Notch – hide it in settings
    Hate Miui – use a third party app
    No drawer – install drawer app
    Slippery glass – Put a case on (there’s already one in the box)

    Problem solved

    (But you have to pay some money)

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