Xiaomi MI 8 – Pixel Experience ROM // Simply Beautiful

Xiaomi MI 8 – Pixel Experience ROM

A brief look at the Pixel Experience ROM with IR face unlock and now playing feature working.

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Download ROM Here:

How-to Install:



29 Replies to “Xiaomi MI 8 – Pixel Experience ROM // Simply Beautiful”

  1. Mathias De Weerdt

    Maybe you should specify you can go back to an earlier rom as long as you dont go back android version. If and only if ARB has even been set on your device, isnt it only thr chinese version that has this implemented?

  2. Alain Lafond

    Hi, it would be really appreciate if someone could post a tutorial on how to install this rom, after the phone is move from chinese to global firmware. Using newer verson of firmware (10)

  3. Alejandro Tovar

    Hi, I have a couple of questions:
    Does using this ROM block installing games and apps that block rooted devices? (ex. Pokemon GO, Fortnite, Netflix, etc)
    Can I install custom fonts and use them with MIUI (or is there any alternative to use a custom font)?
    I`d appreciate your answer
    Thanks for the video

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