Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Review

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Review, the display, cameras, game playing etc. Buy Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro phone here:
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47 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Review”

  1. Nikolai Mochalov

    There is a huge difference between the camera of mi 8 pro and the Iphone Xs max or pixel 3xl. Even though its a low price phone there are few better models in the market such as pocaphone f1 or oneplus 6t .

  2. flyin18t

    Could you please expand on the steps you took to get Google Play Services/Play Store working properly on this phone? Thank you in advance.

  3. saroj Kumar

    I think mi should go to a mental doctor…
    Every time if he plan for release a best mobile ? same time he keep some lacuna there.. He became mad ?

  4. S13 JG

    the letdown for me is 3.5mm jack and the battery, i love my headphones & earphones, the jack phone adapter is a nuisance and can be easily damage, hate replacing time and time again, a waste of money

  5. 727,968,667,890 views

    guys i'm currently using mi max 2 the phone is great fast specially battery amazing perfectly match what i need but one thing in this xiaomi production are pretty bad too much advertisement even music play also appearance stupid shit ads i hate advertisement folder manager also force pop up advertisement overall still standing very good performance for sure

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