Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Tips & Tricks | Best MiUI features

Our Mi 8 Pro tips and tricks guide shows off the best features added by Xiaomi’s MiUI software. Here’s how to get setup and started with your Mi 8 Pro and hunt down those hidden features.

On top of Android Oreo you get the MiUI 9.6 overlay, which changes the look and feel of the phone’s software experience. This also brings some handy additions to the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, and this tips guide runs through our favourite features, including:

How to turn on and setup the always-on display
Activating full-screen gesture navigation
Setting up the Mi 8 Pro’s security features, including the in-screen fingerprint sensor and facial recognition
What is the App Vault and how to customise it
Turning on the Xiaomi’s one-handed mode
Secure features including Xiaomi’s Second Space and App Lock
How to install a launcher such as Nova on the Mi 8 Pro to bring back the apps drawer

Check out our full review and camera tests for more on what we think of the Mi 8 Pro, and let us know your own MiUI tips in the comments below!

19 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Tips & Tricks | Best MiUI features”

  1. javad sameei

    Hi there,
    I have Mi 8 light and about 2 weeks ago updated to Android 9 and MIUI 10.2.
    I have a problem with always display on option. I turn on aod option but I can't see any clock over my phone. what is the problem, would you please help me.

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