Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro UNBOXING!

Not quite the Xiaomi Mi 9, but here is the unboxing and mini review of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro – Including the Mi 8 Pro Camera, battery, specs, release date and more.

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41 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro UNBOXING!”

  1. he aven

    Did you know. When you change your region from your country to India. You will unlock face recognition. Hmmmm subscribe to PewDiePie not t series. But I'm using redmi note 5

  2. TrojanThugMusic

    I got a Xiaomi Mi A1 back in March
    2018. The LCD screen has partially burnt a stain into the display. I really loved the phone but, this has put me off getting another Xiaomi product.

  3. Aleid van Dijk

    The battery is smaller because of that stupid fingerprint scanner. I own the mi8 and it's battery life is amazing so I'm guessing the difference is not too bad.

  4. Lela Labartkava

    Oneplus is the best smartphone and its lineup for several reasons:
    Its cheaper than most of the phoned with compariable specs and has quite a bit of functionality going on with pleasing design unlike cheaper alternatives like pocophone f1, it has earned the name flagship killer by becoming one itself, resulting in flagship killer flagship type of device. Other small but important thing is the brand is dedicated to smartphones which makes them more versitile and compatible with other brands, unlike bigger companies producing whole ecosystems. Other thing that oneplus constantly does is upgrading there models drasticly. Its almost like you have to upgrade you're phone every year. At that lower price point it comes with case, screen protector, dongle, fast charger… you are ready to go! Oneplus has great specs, functionality, compatibility, included accesories and all of that at price point this low! Just look up with what its compared ar… flagships worth more than 1000$ most of which don't even come with all of these accesories, sure its not perfect… I wish it stays away from notch and closer to headphone Jack like Samsung but even the notch on 6t is cool to look at, another problem of the design is that chin, but its pretty expensive to get rid of. Now performancewise the newest 6t is a beast, yeah it is slightly slower than Xs Max and some fanboys are going crazy how it has more RAM and still loses, but really… are you ready to spend aproximatly 2.5 times more for some millisecond difference between app opening animation? Plus as I said big companies especially Apple produce whole ecosystems which you should assamble! Xs Max doesn't even have as many features as 6t… its just imposible to name a smartphone better than oneplus phone, at the time I am writing this, the latest and greatest 6t concidering its price…

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