Xiaomi Mi 8 Review and Pocophone F1 RANT

The Xiaomi Mi 8 offers a ton of value with flagship specs under $400, but it seems outclassed by the cheaper Pocophone F1 from the “same” company.

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37 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 8 Review and Pocophone F1 RANT”

  1. David Imel

    Hey guys! Kinda trying a narrative thing again, let me know what you think.

    Every phone has basically the same specs now so talking about performance is kinda.. boring? I wanted to give some background on the company and talk about what's going on with their product lineup. Just kinda experimenting.

    Would love to hear your thoughts!

  2. ben owen

    The Pocophone F1 is for those that want performance without the price tag so you're not going to get a premium design, were charging, etc, which performance matters to me more than how a phone looks.

  3. Kevin Sinanan

    Camera on mi8 is better than poco. That was one of the reasons I got it instead. OIS and a better screen are better reasons to get mi8 especially if you plan to keep it for long term use.

  4. earlybird3

    this was a useful review. Don't say "boring" 4x in a video. In fact say it zero times, and just focus on: your honest review, and thoughts. Glad to have found this. Am subscribing.

  5. LeYoTheMan69

    Hardware is boring.. Yeah. Like. For tech people, hardware is not boring, certainly not this hardware for 400$. If it bores you, then maybe you should try to review something else. Also, MIUI similar to stock Android? Really? I mean.. Are you sure you are on the right channel?

  6. João Silva

    You said that the specs are "boring". Boring, boring, boring. And then, you ignore the fact that the pocophone doesn't have NFC which is a dealbreaker for a lot of people. Also, the OLED screen on the Mi 8 makes a huge difference rather than an IPS. If you're gonna compare 2 "similar" phones, at least do it right

  7. Clay Chapman

    BUT, yes the Pocophone is a lot cheaper but it supports none of the 4G bands in America, while the Mi 8 works on many different carriers. The Mi 8 also has an AMOLED screen, which is night and day compared to LCD, and the Mi 8 has much better software behind the camera, producing better photos. While these phones are very similar, they are not direct 1 to 1 comparisons

  8. Anthony Chan

    Pocophone F1 can't use T-Mobile LTE bands in US, has no NFC and all plastic back. Xiaomi 8 has better screen, built quality and more LTE bands, but doesn't accept SD card.

  9. Sammy Maniix

    Have great camera, number 3 at DXOMark,
    Thin phone and look premium.
    Front camera is the greatest i ever try.

    Poco F1=
    Great camera, but so so.

    Conclusion, mi8 might can replace your samsung s8 or iphone X. Poco F1 does not.

  10. Skywalker

    Almost all the latest full screen phones in the market are copying Iphone X and its predecessor even with the shape and location of the back camera.. Tbh I love the IPhone X design just prefer it as an Android rather that IOS!

  11. Incloud Design

    I'm seriously thinking about ordering this pocophone to replace my LG Q6. The LG is terrible and the camera is the worst I've had. Could you please give me your personal opinion on the poco camera.

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