Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Vs Redmi Note 5 Camera Comparison

Redmi Note 5 Vs Mi 8 SE camera comparison. Rear camera Samsung Vs Sony battle with the same f1.9 lens & 1.4 μm pixel size. Where to buy: Redmi Note 5 & Mi 8 SE

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46 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Vs Redmi Note 5 Camera Comparison”

  1. André Aguiar

    Boa noite amigo. Essa ultima filmagem que você fez no final do vídeo é de qual celular ?

    Goodnight friend. This last shot you made at the end of the video is what cell phone?

    Goodnight friend. What cell phone did you use in the last video?

  2. Alis

    Redmi Note 5 is MUCH MORE editable. Oversaturated and contrasty on Mi 8 SE. Also, you can keep your gimbal home, stabilization from RMN5 is unbelievable.

  3. Jave Roque

    Watching this video on my redmi note 5 ai and i still stick with my unit? its not big deal to me the snapdragon710 for gaming and the camera of redmi note 5 ai is still fantastic and the price killed it! Proud user of redmi note 5 ai here?

  4. Joschi

    Just ordered a Redmi Note 5. The main issue I have with this phone is its size, Xiaomi really tends to build those Phablets. That'd be definitely an advantage from the 8 SE… But since the global ROM isn't available yet, I will stick with the Note 5 for the moment I guess.
    Oh and great video btw, keep it up & cheers from Germany!

  5. Luke C

    I've tried the open camera method to get 4k – it does work however there are lots of skipped frames and it doesn't start recording till around 5-10 seconds of pressing the record button. I have tried all different bitrates – from very low to very high but it seems that it still skips, interestingly higher bitrates seem to have less stutter, I'm guessing because the CPU doesn't have to compress as much information. I've also tried changing fps from default to 30 but still have stuttering. does anyone also have this issue and know what is the best way to get smooth 4k video?

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