Xiaomi Mi 8 Unboxing & Hands-On Review (English)

Mi 8 unboxing, detailed hands-on review with camera samples, video samples, IR face unlocking, dual GPS, Antutu score. An in-depth mi8 hands on. 128GB model 377 euros with coupon TTMi8DEAL:

Xiaomi Mi 8 SE in-depth hands-on

Video index:

01:17 – Unboxing
02:35 – Design
04:44 – Included case
05:01 – Weight & thickness
05:23 – ROM & info
06:18 – Camera sensors
07:44 – Always on display
07:59 – Display
09:20 – Antutu score
09:30 – IR face unlocking
10:20 – Loudspeaker
11:02 – Dual GPS
12:00 – Performance
12:37 – Camera App
13:46 – Camera samples
17:03 – First impressions
17:44 – Pros & Cons

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23 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 8 Unboxing & Hands-On Review (English)”

  1. Hassan Javaid

    Hi, I want to buy a smartphone with decent camera and powerful performance but I'm confused between Pocophone, xiaomi mi8 and oneplus 6. Please guide me which one is the best between them.thanks

  2. john brock

    Hi, thanks for a hugely helpful review on thye Mi 8. I've just got myself one and love it. Just one major problem = speaker volume. My hearing is a bit compromised and I struggle to hear the other person on Whatsapp video for example. I cannot find a way to increase the volume and the sound enhancer is greyed out. It's driving me crazy! Can you advise me?

  3. giorgi gogoladze

    So not showing battery percentage and carrier name is a compromise? I think 99.9% of people can tell how much it is approximately. And for the carrier, if you don not know it on your phone, well…. i have some bad news.

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