Xiaomi Mi 8 vs Mi 9: SPEED TEST – Big Difference?

Here it is, the Mi 8 vs the Mi 9. How much difference is there between the 2 of these Budget Flagship Phones? Find out in this video.

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38 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 8 vs Mi 9: SPEED TEST – Big Difference?”

  1. Tony K.

    You should use the same browser otherwise you test the browser not the phone. The difference in performance between 855 and 845 is not so evident in opening apps… mi 8 it's almost the same in these tests

  2. Bruno Chami

    Was wondering if I wait for mix 3 with the snap 855 because I saw benchmark said 30% faster overthe snap 845 but in real life, there is no difference

  3. Mikael Rehnstrand

    Extremely small difference between the two phones. I had expected a bigger difference… I've ordered the mi 9 but haven't received it yet. Well, at least the camera seems a little better.. Perhaps ..?

  4. GamingShocker

    I see no difference in speed maybe in milliseconds but who cares, 845 has been tested no lag at all, Mi 8 is the better choice, lower price for the same performance?

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