Xiaomi Mi 8 Waterproof Test

Is Xiaomi Mi 8 waterproof or water resistant? Can we use Xiaomi Mi 8 underwater? You will find answers in this video.

Floatable IP68 Waterproof Bag is recommended if you go swimming with this phone.

This Xiaomi Mi 8 waterproof test includes washing test, shower test, and immersion test. In the former 2 tests, my Xiaomi Mi 8 performs well. That makes me feel confident to put my Xiaomi Mi 8 into the water. So, in the immersion test, I planned to put Xiaomi Mi 8 in the water for 5 mins. Nothing happened when the phone stayed under the water. Some bubbles come out of the phone when I tried to take a screenshot underwater. Luckily, that doesn’t matter. The device was still working normal after I took it out of water.
However, I found that the Xiaomi Mi 8 is not waterproof in IP67 test. I put the smartphone into the 1-meter water. A lot of water went inside the phone.
If you carelessly drop your Xiaomi Mi 8 into water, you should open it up as soon as possible, disconnect the battery and dry out the moisture.

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  1. Natanael Guilherme

    If it gets wet, try to turn off and disconnect as soon as possible, then completely dismantle and clean all connections and motherboard with isopropyl alcohol to remove any traces of water, wait dry Mount the smartphone and turn on.

  2. Сергей Котов

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