Xiaomi Mi 8: Why can't I buy one in the USA?

I’ve admired XIaomi products from afar, but I’ve never had the opportunity to review one. FINALLY, spending a little time with the Mi 8, I can understand some of the buzz around this brand. So. Why can’t I buy one here?

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24 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 8: Why can't I buy one in the USA?”

  1. Ra'ed Abdel-Hadi

    I swear people just make videos these days! I have had 2 Xioami Mi 8s! If you buy a global version you have one year manufacturer warranty..what are you talking about can't buy in US and no warranty??

  2. Ken Hoey

    I'm using the Xiaomi Mi MIx 2S Global Edition and it supports all USA LTE Bands and also has all of the Google services preinstalled. Also these devices can easily be had right on Amazon for under $400 and they're unlocked. I don't want Xiaomi or even Meizu to be picked up by any US carriers. If that happens it would ruin their current business model and their devices would be much more expensive and saddled with carrier bloat!

  3. maserradillav07 sv

    You said mid-range phone?? iPhones are usually mid-ranged phones at jewelry prices. The Mi8 and the Mix 2S and the Mix 3 have iPhones for breakfast, lunch and dinner in any daily tasks. And with all due respect, stop naming the USA as America, America is way more than the USA, they are officially in America though, Mexico and Colombia already enjoy Xiaomi phones and it’s America. Greetings, pal.

  4. Vasichenko

    Welcome to the market reality. It feels kind of nice to see how American is ignored economically. Just because USA mostly gets when somebody cannot. No offence. I am just tired of how the prices around the world depend on dollar. Thank you Chinese market (for making good devices of course).

  5. Ali-W7 Ananza

    I like how Xiaomi uses 1080p displays I rather get a good 1080p hd OLED or LCD display over a 2k display…. It just seems to be a money grab when retailers add 2k displays all it does is increase battery use and when u lower the resolution to 1080p… It looks a lot worse and more soft compared to a phone with a 1080p display I don't think the difference between 1080 to 1440 is massive enough to use them on phones our 1080p phones still have much higher pixel count per inch than even a 15.6 inch 4k display on a laptop so I don't see the point of phones having higher resolution displays and 4k on a phone display would be just a dumb idea unless phones become more convenient to use as a vr display 1080p is still the best option on mobile phones

  6. Marie Li Latulippe

    I'm in Canada and just got the Xiaomi mi 8 in global version and wowow like it so much ! I switched from an iphone 7 and i'm not disappointed ! Serieux so great phone guys ! ?

  7. Debra Dukes

    Juan Awesome review and definitely agree but I see a trend here but if you ask me its almost like they are afraid to open up the Market would cut in but truly a shame because the midrange devices are getting better and we are definitely missing out but you took the words right out of my mouth.I would love to get my hands on them to just check them out rather than just read about them but we also have some that are from other places as well that would do great here as well like maybe India. So like that other people are starting to see the same.Awesome Video Deb.?✌?

  8. L wal

    They have a global rom for the phone with google installed, they also have stock android phones as well. Do so research before making a video….

  9. Kenny Polk

    This phone is LIT, and have all the LTE band for the usa. Unlock bootloader, load twrp , magisk, and then install Lineage 15 OS. POW! you got the google store.

  10. Aven Rivera

    Xiaomi is showing the world that samsung and other companies charging overpriced devices are making fools of their customers. When I used the mi8 I immediately sold my s9 plus.

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