Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Galaxy S10+ Speed Test

I compare boot, face unlock, fingerprint scanner, camera, app, and game speeds between the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Samsung Galaxy S10+. Which phone do you think will win?

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47 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Galaxy S10+ Speed Test”

  1. 17

    That kind of tests which are totally unfair…
    Comparing an ultrasonic to an optical sensor is the dumbest thing i ever seen…comparing the facial identification while u are unlocking the Xiaomi before the Samsung…comparing the boot of two different OS overlays…
    A dumb test like the one who did it and the people who are happy for Xiaomi as if it was their mother…
    A phone with a Lego design…?

  2. Hubert Jadczak

    Congrats to Xiaomi, I am really happy because I am a fan of Android environment in general and I am using Samsungs, but there is a chance that Samsung will start following Xiaomi instead of apple (in terms of prices and optimalization), because apple is garbage.

  3. cancer3213

    Лошара, нажимает на Ми9 раньше и пиздит, что С10+ отстаёт. Необъективное тестирование.

  4. Artem Rusak

    Ну ты и болбокрыл . как можно сравнивать mi9 с s10+ .. и что ты тут пытаешься показать .. пизда выкинь этот гавно аппарат в мусорку это я про mi9

  5. Rep Boy

    What the fuck is wrong with you? You pressed quicker on mi 9 and you for sure wanted to make mi 9 winner. Fuck you s10+ is better. Btw your 10+ is verry slow compared to mine

  6. Shihab Hossain

    he did a trick after he said all the apps are closed. he cut the video, it could happen he just changes some Samsung feature like -he opened background app and so on. at 3.59 in this video… Are u getting something from xiaomi ?

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