Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Redmi Note 7 or Mi 9 SE Best Value?

Xiaomi Mi 9, Mi 9 SE and Redmi Note 7 comparison! These phones literally bridge budget, mid-range and “flagship”. Have a look at the prices for certain ROM/RAM configurations, if the Mi 9 SE and Note 7 have the same amount of RAM, you end up paying a bit extra for a LOT more hardware… interesting.

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35 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Redmi Note 7 or Mi 9 SE Best Value?”

  1. Jaspreetsingh Raja

    Hello sir
    From India
    I'm totally confused
    I want to purchase Mi 9SE 6gb 128gb global variant from Dubai in just 1100 AED (21000 INR)
    My second choice is Mi 8 global version 6gb 128gb from Dubai (1250 AED) 23000 INR
    What u prefer to me
    Which device best for me
    My hobby is shoot portrait images
    Please reply

  2. tsibosp

    Just read that they won't release note 7pro outside of India and China. Obviously to push 9 se as the main low points of note 7 were fixed with the Pro version. Major disappointment from Xiaomi, just lost a sale. I probably will not go for the note 7 either after this.

  3. Azhar Ul Islam

    Redmi Note 7 Pro or Xiaomi Mi 9 SE? Which one will be better? Considering Battery, Camera, Selfie Cam, Storage, Screen, Design, Build Quality, Performance, Notification LED, Sound in earphone which one will be better?

  4. Daan Hakvoort

    Is the mi 9 se worth buying over the RN7 pro just for reading in bed before sleep? I will be using dark mode and don't know if the amoled will be worth the extra money.

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