Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (Redmi K20 Pro) vs Pocophone F1 Speed test Ram Management Comparison Review

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro aka Redmi K20 Pro goes head to head with the Pocophone F1 in this speed test. I used the Chinese version(K20 Pro) with Chinese ROM for this test and installed Pocophone Launcher on it. We got a few surprises in the RAM Management test and ANTUTU scores which makes the decision o buy the Redmi K20 Pro or remain with the Pocophone F1 that much harder.

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34 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (Redmi K20 Pro) vs Pocophone F1 Speed test Ram Management Comparison Review”

  1. Jayshree Darade

    Your k20pro has some problems
    Even redmi note 8 pro goes 28k antutu score but you k20pro gone till 28k??
    It should be upto 38k
    Check out other youtube videos
    Sorry for inconvenience

  2. John-Erik johansson

    compare the ORGINAL: MI9 T with the F1, more same price range imo.
    and if somone knows please answer how is the "orginal mi9T" vs the mi 9 SE ?? Xiaomi fucks up with to many "same" models imo. I stil love my MI A1 ! and im NOT going to buy the A3, they did fuck upp the model line with that Crap AMOLED display just for a finger reader in display πŸ™

  3. Adam Jibril

    Nice jobπŸ‘Œ
    Please do a speed test between Redmi Note 7 and K20. And full comparision Tecno Phantom 9 with Redmi 7 note. Then K20 vs Phantom 9 pls

  4. Comte Phlayr

    We have a problem in Europe, where is the Mi9T Pro? because we waiting for the global version of the RedMi k20 pro, the Mi9T pro, and it was not unveiled in Madrid Xiaomi launch Event. Why?

  5. Artdog

    Not a huge difference in performance, although the screen on the K20 Pro is noticeably improved. Just curious if the K20 Pro has a software update available because that is by far the lowest AnTuTu score I've seen for the K20 Pro?

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