Xiaomi Mi A1 Review: Worth every penny

This is our Xiaomi Mi A1 Review.

Seeing a Xiaomi handset equipped with Android One got us and fans so excited. And the Mi A1 has it all: a dual-camera setup, affordable price tag, and a Pixel-like experience.

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24 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi A1 Review: Worth every penny”

  1. Allu

    Just came here for the nostalgia. The best phone I have ever bought! Infact, I still use it as my primary phone, no need to upgrade yet!

  2. Blabla Blabla

    Don't buy this useless trash phone or anything from this disgusting brand. Everything is bugging, lagging, restarting itself from nothing. I warn you people, this brand is the fucking worst, you'll just throw your money away. I am so angry at this fucking useless piece of trash phone.

  3. Russ Helius

    Is this one better than honor 9 lite? I'm looking for a budget phone and this one caught my attention. Hope someone help me to decide 😊 I'm excited to buy..😅

  4. Mary Parker

    Does anyone know how to get missed call notifications on this phone? I've gone through the settings and put it on but it doesn't work? Also if someone has called me while the phone is off it doesn't let a SMS to come through to let me know.
    The alarm doesn't work if the phone is switched off either, which means leaving it on all night. I wish I could like this phone, other things are good

  5. TrojanThugMusic

    I bought this phone cos of all the hype. 10 months on though, the LCD screen is partially burnt out. If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Longevity?
    Not so great. Flash now, but time will reveal.

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