Xiaomi Mi A1 Unboxing: More Android One!

The Xiaomi and Google have partnered together to put Android on the Xiaomi Mi A1. This Android One device looks to bring some high quality specs in a budget device running stock Android. Subscribe for more:

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36 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi A1 Unboxing: More Android One!”

  1. Michael Rayo

    5.5 inches for a screen is a bit big for me (personal preference). I love the screen size of the Nexus 5x (5.2 inches). It's not too small and not too big. Even the Google Pixel 2's 5.0 inch screen looks good to me. But still 5.2 inches I feel is the perfect screen size.

  2. Gary Martin

    How is the reception on this phone? In the U.S. what LTE band are you getting? Based on the specs. it looks like you are receiving band 4 on LTE and band 2 HSPA+

  3. Artdog

    How are the software and security updates on this phone coming? Android One is supposed to update their phones way faster than Xiaomi does by themselves.

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