Today I review the Xioami Mi A2 Android smartphone. Is it worth it in 2018, or should you buy the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite?…

Mi A2:

Mi A2 Lite:

Buy Mi A2:

Buy Mi A2 Lite:


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22 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi A2 – BUY THE LITE VERSION.”

  1. lollilol

    I have the Mi A2 and converted it to a Mi 6X via edl mode and MiFlash. Many people do this. I flashed MiuiPro (a custom rom of Miui) and i have much greater battery life. 6h 30m SoT. My sister has the same phone and she still has Android One (which is better in my opinion except the battery thing) and she had 4h SoT. Soooo much more Screen on Time. Im really proud of the Miui Team and Miui is OKAY with the "Stock Pie" Theme.

  2. Ivann Souza

    I had one for almost 3 months, loved the phone but there is a problem that I think everyone should know, this phone and as well the pocophone f1 has the same display panel, this display has a lot of issues with the touch, mine started presenting a lot of problem with the touch, like not registering inputs, bugging touch sometimes registering two touchs at the same time, and lag scroll when scrolling webpages, I did some research trying to find out what was causing this problem but end up failing to find if it was a software or hardware problem, in the foruns I found that a lot of the users had similar issues and a lot didn't had any problem at all. It started as a ocasional problem but evolved to a problem so large that i could not type a full word without it not registering one or two letters… at the end i managed to ship it back to the person who sold it to me and bought other phone. It's a shame because I really loved the phone, except this display issue. I have some videos posted on my yt acc if any of you want to see what I'm talking about.

  3. Aaron Aaron

    Nah, buy the lite, it does have a slower chipset but it has an earphone jack, expandable storage, android pie out of the box, same camera, better screen to body ratio

  4. Marko Djordjevic

    Should I get the Xiaomi mi a2 6gb/128gb version or 4gb/64gb honor 8x considering I like the design of the honor way more and it has a better battery. But the xiaomi has stock android and more storage and ram. What's better?

  5. Ricardo Lavra

    Great video. Got +1 subscriber. You are very professional, and your voice and accent are both very pleasant to hear for me, as I am not a native english speaker.

  6. ahmirjjdr _

    I really hate when phone manufactures rant about a 200-300 dollar phone without wireless charging, ip rating and others. OEMs need to lower the price. Don't expect that.

  7. Mr. Creepz

    You have alot of A2 fans here. Most of them don't realize that we don't always want the best gaming performance. I personally like the A2 Lite better, but I can't make you like it.

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