Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite Review After 6 Months Budget Android One 2019

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite Android 9 Pie Review, Long Term, Budget android one smartphone, cheap android 9 pie phone, pros and cons, camera review, gaming, benchmark test ? Mi A2 Lite best prices – & &
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49 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite Review After 6 Months Budget Android One 2019”

  1. RevMeTech

    Yes you can help RevMeTech by SUBSCRIBING, it means a lot to me and it will help me to produce high quality content in the future. Please consider SUBSCRIBING and turn on BELL icon for new video updates. Cheers! ?
    Also i would like to hear from Mi A2 Lite owners what is YOUR opinion about Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite? ? PS Wallpaper which you see in video can be found here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5oNp-4xbGs

  2. MW29

    i have this phone for 6 months and i cannot tell u how satisfied i am ! everything is perfect ! everything runs without any problems the only thing is the selfie camera should be atleast 12mpix but for that price and that performance what this phone gives u there is absolute no Complain despite its a Chinese phone !

  3. ida andersson

    sorry for going a bit off topic, but where did you get the background ? ahah it just looks too neat and i'd love to use it as a background on my a2 lite too

  4. Gregor Mima

    Just grabbed 2 of them for my nephew and my sister. It's an awesome phone for the price. And I didn't expect to update itself all the way to 9. Oh yeah got the 4GB version, worth it.

  5. Danijel Rakic

    Got the Mi A2 Lite 4GB/64GB version 3 months ago. Amazing quality for the price, long battery life and androidone updates every month. My next phone in the future will for sure be a Xiaomi flagship. New Xiaomi fan here.

  6. Troy Dube'

    Two weeks ago I cracked my screen. Phone worked but the crack was getting worse so I looked into getting a replacement. T Mobile offered me a 12 month contract and a Galaxy for 99 bucks. I basically had my credit card info set to buy but decided to sleep on it. My A2 came two days ago, it took me about 30 seconds to switch my sim and SD card. I spent 182 dollars. That's the whole price, and I want to point out I spent an extra five cause the seller had better feedback on eBay. My old phone "sucked", and I know that so if yer comparing this phone to the 1400 dollar flagships I guess I'm pretty ignorant. All I know is I didn't even have to THINK about using a new phone, everything transferred smoothly. Only difference is it's faster, brighter, and the battery lasts roughly forever. I've only charged it while driving cause I'm so used to it, it's yet to fall below half. Buy this damn thing, Apple and Samsung should be VERY worried, it's gonna take a LOT for me to start hating this phone. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's made my life better. Im still waiting for the catch, seriously how is it so cheap?!?

  7. Simone Calà

    I have the 4gb/64gb and i can say its the best smarthphone i ever had. Battery last 11h Sot, the display is very good, i just added a google cam and the photo quality are amazing. Its A very Best Buy.

  8. Best Sane

    I've been using this phone for a month. I'm quite disappointed that the "double tap to turn on screen" can't be disabled. The screen keeps turning on in my pocket because of this, triggering many unwanted actions such as turning on the flashlight, calling emergency numbers etc.

  9. ron3x

    Been searching for best dual SIM phone for a few days,
    Found that best value for money is this Xiaomi 6 pro. I had no idea it's the same model of this Xiaomi mi A2 lite until I got one yesterday! I got a sealed one from a guy who received it as a gift he sold to me for less than 2/3 of the price from the current price! I sure he had no idea how great this phone is!

  10. Marc Marcello

    My phone has this annoying habit of going on to the battery status page while I'm trying to watch YouTube, does anyone else have this problem and do you know how to remedy this.

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