Xiaomi Mi A2 Review: Now With Android Pie!

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Read the full review: | The Xiaomi Mi A2 is one of a handful of great Android One devices. And now it has Android Pie!

Note: Android Pie is now officially available for the Mi A2:

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When will your phone get Android Pie?

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23 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi A2 Review: Now With Android Pie!”

  1. Lesnite Neko

    The point of Android One is to get the update immediately right?
    Then why must you root and install it like a custom ROM?

    I heard one another video that people in europe didnt get the Pie upgrade on the Android One nokia 7 plus…….

  2. Sing Min Hong

    Mi a2 phone you disappointed me. I moved photos to a new folder but no album creation can be found. It appears that the folder falls under the "Photos on device" category and all my photos order are jumbled up! I am very disappointed with this phone as I am a photographer.

  3. Eke N

    The only killer is the battery is very weak and lack of headphone jack, other than that it's a wonderful device for those who can't afford a pixel..

  4. Sham Hosein

    I hope for the mi a3 they go with a bigger battery. 3500mah at least. All around a great phone for the price. I won't get or keep an a2 as i use the note 9 and mate 20 X. But maybe I'll get the mi a3 as a work phone if they increase the battery size and use at least a snapdragon 670.

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