Xiaomi Mi A2 Review – WOW.

Xiaomi Mi A2 is an incredible budget phone for 2018. With good specifications, high quality design, a solid camera experience, and beautiful Android One software all at a steal of a price. I really like this phone a lot. Buy a Mi A2 here:

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25 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi A2 Review – WOW.”

  1. Orlando D. Luna

    I'm watching this because I already bought it and just waiting for it to arrive. I'm so hyped.

    Btw, you have one of the greatest quality ever seen on Youtube, seriously dope.

  2. Karl Okt

    I used to intern at engineering dept for Xiaomi for about a year. To be honest they can do away with those camera hump but they literally chose to make it there just so the rear side replicates iPhone looks. It still reminded me how ridiculous and badly China Manufacturers want to brand and market their products as "Apple Inspired". Absolutely bizarre mentality.

  3. Gumi Gumi

    Good thing it's still come without any notch. Another that is… well.. no SD card, no headphone jack. Hard to choose this even it has fast charging…

  4. Varun Rathod

    Xiomi and some other Chinese companies can't spread their business faster in West because, then People in West would use apple handsets a lot less.
    And they( Leaders/Politicians ) don't want that to happen.

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