Xiaomi Mi A2 Review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Mi A2’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.
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30 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi A2 Review”

  1. Sayak Das

    I fail to see the reasoning behind not including the headphone jack and fast charging power cable. These are basic features that customers should expect with their eyes closed. You are already cutting corners with the exclusion of NFC, slower processors and resolution and camera but these things are to be expected when you are buying a budget to mid-ranger phones. However the first two features I previously mentioned are not.

  2. Nenad Marinkovic

    You are Xiaomi hater… This is like every other phone, with flaws, but for this price it offers best 200e smartphone camera, great performance, good display (let's not lie, no one is good on sunny day), not bad battery life after Oreo, quality metal build… And YOU can't recomend it? G6 plus, can't come close… Nokia 7+ is really good but is 130 euro more…
    I use it for 2 monts, and can recomend it to all who care about what I sad above… Txnks ?

  3. Graeme Tones

    if this phone had NFC it would be for sure my next purchase, there doesn't seem to be a Android one phone which has all the required features. It is like Google doesn't want any competition agains the pixel, however the pixel price is way way to much.

  4. Nick Rog

    "I can't believe that REMOVING features is a trend nowadays" — the Screen will be removed next , instead a Tactile Raised Pin bed will be implemented , will be like having a Hedge Hog in your pocket . Thanks Apple .

  5. SpikD

    Even if there's no headphone jack or sd card slot it makes up for REALLY GOOD CAMERA, SPECS AND SOFTWARE

    PS: supports quick charge 3.0 of you're into that

  6. orçun

    why do you wear hat are you bald on top something ?
    otherwise great review. i will choose this phone because of you mentioned focus stays on face when exposure change comment

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