Xiaomi Mi A2 Unboxing & Hands On Review

Mi A2 unboxing and in-depth hands-on review. AndroidOne mobile. Snapdragon 660, 3000mAh battery, portrait mode dual cameras. Where to buy: $245 with coupon MiA2-64 Timecodes:

01:30 – Unboxing
02:56 – Weight and size
03:23 – Build & design
04:46 – The included case
05:30 – First boot & ROM
06:35 – MIUI Vs Stock differences
10:17 – Netflix, DRM, Treble etc
11:11 – Screen
11:58 – Benchmarks
13:16 – Sound
14:46 – Camera video samples
16:29 – Camera photo samples
18:18 – Final words
18:43 – Pros & Cons

Mi A2/6X Vs Redmi Note 5/Mi Max 3 camera comarison:

Mi 6X review:

Mi 6X unboxing:

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29 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi A2 Unboxing & Hands On Review”

  1. savic027

    You dont talk nothing about ram menagement, speed of opening apps…that so important and yet, nothing from you, please, do that, becouse it's so important..

  2. fitriani dian

    Oh my God I've been looking so long for this VERY detail review of MI A2. Thank u! Btw, I really like this smartphone but, how about its battery life? The 3000 mAh scares me:3

  3. Erik Leypoldt

    Is this a good budget option moving away from pixel xl, as my contract expires and I want to own outright? Does it support Ambient Display? Also do you know when it will get Pie? Also it does have face unlock, called Trusted Face.

  4. Eva Kozloková

    Guys please can you help me out ? Xiaomi Mi2 32GB or Mi2 lite 64GB? I am not much of a gaming person but what I do care about is the speed of the phone, good camera, storage for my social media and few apps in addition. Which one do you think is better for smooth performance and social media activities ?

  5. Bryan adams

    The fact ppl keep saying no headphone jack to me is just like ok so what Bluetooth for me is where better not a deal breaker for me lol ? ppl also complain you can’t put an SD in not a deal breaker for me I haven’t really ran out of the 16 that’s in this garbage iPhone 6s Plus so I’ll be picking this phone up for sure

  6. Yo-yo

    I really like stock Android but with the Pocophone F1 being released, it makes it really enticing with that SD845…
    Too bad both devices are import only… (to the US)

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