Xiaomi Mi A2 vs Nokia 7 Plus | Which One's Better Value?

When we reviewed the 7 Plus, we were happy with what it had on offer. But now Xiaomi has launched the Mi A2 that offers similar hardware to the 7 Plus. What makes the Mi A2 interesting is the price. At Rs. 16,999 it undercuts the Nokia 7 Plus by a massive Rs. 9,000 margin. But has Xiaomi cut corners to meet the price? Or is it actually a better value for money smartphone? We put the 7 Plus and the Mi A2 head-to-head to find out.

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33 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi A2 vs Nokia 7 Plus | Which One's Better Value?”

  1. Enrique Vergara

    Great video bro, My wife has the Mi A2 and it's a great device, even though I like the Nokia 7 plus better.I like how informative and objective your comparison was. Keep it up!

  2. ben owen

    Both are great phones but I pick Xiaomi Mi a2, as I've heard the Nokia 7 Plus has performance issues and there is a 6GB RAM 128GB option which is STILL cheaper than the Nokia 7 Plus but yeah the 7 Plus is a better but slightly but then the Nokia 7 Plus is more expensive.

  3. Mark Orwa

    Thinking of buying either of this and currently the price is the same in my country with the difference being the Mi A2 is the 6/128GB version

  4. darKLord 12

    the king always wears the crown and we all know that who is the king in this segment.

    Even though it is massive 9000rs more than mia2 but it the Nokia branding and legacy that running years and years in the heart of the common people of India.
    Like it if you chose Nokia!!

  5. Lockon Stratos

    Do not talk shit guys, Nokia 7 is better than mi a2, but by no means mi a2 is bad, we have dozens of mid range phones and you are comparing the 2 best ones, both are excellent.

  6. kAs

    LoL Mi A2 is cheaper so better to buy Mi A2 and invest in addition in quick charger + power bank + bluetooth set…. how stupid you have to be to say this on the YT channel ?

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