Xiaomi Mi A2 vs Redmi Note 7 – Snapdragon 660 Speed Test!

Redmi note 7 Link:
Mi A2 Link:

Complete comparison between the 2 best buy of mid-range phones: Redmi Note 7 vs Mi A2. They both run the latest android 9.0 Pie version on the Snapdragon 660 chipset. Which is faster?

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41 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi A2 vs Redmi Note 7 – Snapdragon 660 Speed Test!”

  1. Piotr Prześlakiewicz

    Hi Stefano! this very good comparison! My sister-in-law would like to buy a new smartphone and she's thinking about MI A2. But I told her that the better is redmi note 7. Thanks because your film is the best answer which smartphone is better ?

  2. ох ох

    Сука вот еблан ми 2 с чистым андроидом сравнивает С нотом 7 мию который нагржаеи и так. чисто ради просмотров сделал эту хуйню

  3. TorQue WreNcH

    I prefer Mi A2 more than Note 7, two of my friend just bought Note 7 separately from different place and store,and both of them had screen bleeding at edge of the screen on their unit,it might not be seen unless you focus on it while on white page..

  4. Tetsuo_G9

    Unfortunately the Mi A2 has some severe downsides imo! Missing headphone jack, no expendable storage, really small battery capacity, huge camera bump, odd design and so on! The Redmi Note 7 with Android One would be a deal for me!

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