Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Unboxing & 2 Week Review! (ENGLISH)

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This is my unboxing and full review after 2 weeks of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5! Is this the best smartband 2020? Battery, features display, and comparison vs the Mi Band 4! I also show the setup pairing with smartphone and how to change language from Chinese to English on this non-global version. Best budget smartband / smartwatch / fitness tracker 2020?


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39 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Unboxing & 2 Week Review! (ENGLISH)”

  1. Franky 1971

    Not really a review, is it?…….. more of an overview and a pretty uninformative one at that. If you're gonna title it '2 week review' then you need to be going over the pros and cons, which you haven't……. nothing here to help me decide if I should get it!!

  2. Charles London

    Ah, You are English.
    Thats such a refreshing change.
    Thank you for a great review as I am considering buying this device for tracking my jogging to use with Strava.

  3. iyad kh

    Hello does mi band 5 work on iphone 6s plus ? Cause i bought Samsung fit 2 and guess what ! It doesn't work 😂 . So please can i know if mi band 5 works cause i am thinking of getting it since Fit 2 doesn't. Thanks in advance . 😊

  4. svrc82

    Might be a stupid question but can you answer the phone calls with this band and let's say go to the next song on Spotify? And will Google maps work on it or I'm asking too much?

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