Xiaomi Mi Fold – Official Hands On Video: Better than Galaxy Fold?

A new official hands on video is now available for the Xiaomi Mi Fold, which is the foldable smartphone that Xiaomi might release if there is enough demand for foldable smartphones.

Let’s see how it stacks up to the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X.

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31 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi Fold – Official Hands On Video: Better than Galaxy Fold?”

  1. brian beck

    I like the "mi fold" idea simply because it maintains a more or less rectangular aspect ratio in either form factor which means that there's less of an impediment of black bars to the idea of immersive content consumption

  2. Kevin Lee

    No rear and front cameras, only 1000mah battery etc, they showed this unfinished prototype to save their stocks. You really think they are serious about it lol

  3. Hector Galvez-Jimenez

    I still like the Galaxy F. I'm waiting to see what Samsung is going to do with the Note 10, then I'll make my decision on wich phone will replace my Note 9. Been a Note fan for years, so I'll have to see what will the best for me. I'm leaning to the Galaxy F, the all black, wished it had a TOF Camara in the front and rear though. . But by the time the Note 9 comes out they might be out of the Galaxy F, so in that case my decision will have been made for me.

  4. Mike Chavis

    Love your videos. But would like to see your eyes. They provide that extra dimension in communication that we all need, especially when trying to express a point of view. So, rest the sunglasses from time to time.
    All the best to you, my friend…

  5. Adam Rees

    I see the camera icon on the screen but no where for the camera to be. No front face and not back camera. This design doesn’t work unless it’s a pop up camera.

  6. michell guzelgul

    XIAOMI, Please take my money! I want a foldable phone, galaxy fold is a major flop with those huge bezels. Huawai doesn't work in the US and that price tag isn't going to happen. With xiaomi's cap on 5% profit margins its looking realistic like the cost will be doable for me. Please take my money! Not sure if this will work in the US.

  7. Ashif Zubair

    His swipe lags. As it can be seen from his body language that he is awaiting for the gesture to rotate the screen and he waited for a while.

    Samsung is no doubt better than mi fold compared to build quality

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