Xiaomi Mi Max 3 – 24 Hour Review! (English)

My 24 Hour Review of this colossal, max size powerhouse! The Mi Max 3! Thanks for watching!

Time codes for the video:
2:14 – Design
3:35 – Display
5:47 – Performance
8:02 – Audio Performance
10:09 – Camera/Video Performance

35 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi Max 3 – 24 Hour Review! (English)”

  1. Nameless

    Have you ever used a Mate 10 29alp? I love the open bootloader and battery. This does not support HDMI? I wish the display was AMOLED. Will I have problems finding a screen protector? 0

  2. Forioous

    Great review! Now I love much more that incredible phone 🙂 So… I need change my Redmi Note 4 for this display beast! Thanks for review.


    I love big phones, just wonder if there's any reviews about this phone that it shows the complete features, I am more interested on things like watching movies and casting/mirroring to TV. Anybody knows anything about this?

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