Xiaomi Mi Max 3 – Black vs Blue Comparison!

Here is my quick look at the Mi Max 3 Blue Version Comparison! Also I address the difference between the Global ROM and the China ROM and a surprise at the end that I never expected would occur LIVE during filming! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Harish Sharma

    Hey frankie, I wanna buy this Xiaomi Mi max 3. But I have very limited budget, and I don't wanna get into those high custom duties. so I wanna know is there any possibility so I can buy either of the unit which you have reviewed with some negotiation. Lives in India.

    It would be great help if you provide me a great deal.
    Waiting for you reply
    Thankyou and keep doing good work?
    God bless you 🙂

  2. mustardas cokacolas
  3. John Smith

    I got a black one. The blue ones are not available in stock here in the USA. After a 15% off from eBay it was US$233, a steal for this phone!

  4. Malaka Lofung

    Hey Frankie, love your videos on the Mi Max 3. I love big screen phones, could you do a video on MIUI 10 on the Mi Max 3. Specifically how the app scaling works on the giant screen. For an example, With font size set to smallest – how web pages are rendered, how e-book reading is, how emails look on that huge screen, how text message threads look like. Basically if the apps use the advantage of that beautuful huge screen to display more content.

    Also the maximum grid size on the home screen etc. What budget phones with huge screen could you recommend for utilizing the screen size to display more content.

    Appreciate it. Love your videos and the enthusiasm you have when presenting. Its awesome. Keep up the good work. Subscribed ?

    Oh also is Android pie coming to Mi Max 3????

  5. Rodelle Soriano

    I ordered mine and will arrive on monday. I picked the blue one because of your review. Sadly we don't have the global version here in the Philippines like you have, only CN rom 6/128 are available. Salamat kabayan for your honest review. Keep it up!

  6. Shadow88881

    Hi Frankie, could you tell me where you got those glass screen protectors for the Mi Max3? It looks like they are a perfect fit. Also, I'm about to get the blue version with the 6/128gb, is it possible to flash the rom with a global version? Thanks!

  7. Chad Higgins

    Whats the difference?
    If i get China Rom i can still pick English.
    What model gets OTA updates? You show the China Rom version got update UI. Does it say certified in playstore? Does it get security updates?

  8. Sando-Metal

    Does the store that you bought your blue Max 3 deliver worldwide? And if so, what is their website?
    Do you know if other websites will make the blue 4G/ 64Gb version, like yours, available soon?
    I've seen the 6G/ 128Gb in blue on AliExpress, but I don't think that one is necessary to purchase.
    Thanks Frankie!

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