Xiaomi Mi Max 3 – Now this is a MAX Phone!

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 – Now this is a MAX Phone! Hello all and welcome to my Xiaomi Mi Max 3 impressions video where I discuss my thoughts and impressions of this $299 budget beast. This phone comes with a 6.9″ LCD 1080P Display, 5500 mAH battery, and a snapdragon 636 and 4GB of ram with the 64GB model and 6GB of ram with the 128GB model. This device offers quite a bit for a low price. Share your thoughts, questions, comments, concerns, and feedback and enjoy the video 🙂 Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂

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46 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi Max 3 – Now this is a MAX Phone!”

  1. Nick Ackerman

    Xiaomi Mi Max 3
    5500 MAh battery
    4/6GB of ram
    6.9 inch screen
    Snapdragon 636
    Solid value.

    Share your thoughts on this one below and enjoy the video 🙂

  2. Meni Fo

    I bought this phone two days ago but I wasn't able to find the "face-unlock" feature on the settings. Fingerprint unlocking is great, but where's the "face-unlock"? Anyone?

  3. Robert Constantin

    Well I have a max 3 and it's indeed very good for his price…
    Let me tell you something…
    when the first color screen phone come out it was a BIG CHANGE, same like the touch screen, camera in a phone and of course the GPS.
    now , to pay the 5 times or more the price, for just some megapixel on camera or for a little faster CPU, do you think it's right?

    When first come the GPS in phones, the price wasn't double for a phone with or without GPS… now, 5 times the price, it's like they made your caller appear 3D in front of you, or I don't know what thermal camera or gadget put inside…

    It's just a few mhz of processor for 5 time price… !!!!!! nothing special…

    Edit: If they will sell the phone with a flex display, then maybe worth the price, I think this is the next gen of phones, but will be over 2500 USD… and maybe will worth it because you cant crack it :)))

  4. Jose Azeite

    Hi man… You didn't talk about the mi Max 3 phone call issues…
    I heard some friends mine complaining about the phone calls, after awail you will no be able to make and receive calls.. I really not sure if this is due to the phone Chinese version instead the global version.
    But you should talk about this, to let anyone to know about it.

  5. marmoto liferider

    holy shit thats 299$ Samsung and Apple gotta watch out, damn. Now Xiaomi only has to include a better camera and ip 67 water resistance (maybe 100$ more) And then they dominate the market.

  6. Donald Thurin

    To answer your question Nick on whether I like budget phones over the more premium flagship phones, I would have to say yes I do. Your argument on why you should get a a premium phone is by far the most compelling I have heard from any Youtube tech Vlogger. The latest technology, Warranty backed phone to aid in keeping its value, Quality product with quality components all make sense overall in buying and preserving a flagship phone, but here is where your argument is undone.. The same manufacturers that produce products with top of the line specs updated software for this year's model that I have already purchase, will turn around and try to sell me next year's model with slightly better components and specs while jacking up the price higher of said device then I paid last year.. At least if I purchase a mid-range to budget phone, I can stay cutting edge while not killing my pockets.. Because there are manufacturers willing to do cutting edge technology at a fraction of the price, I have chance for a stylish device that has flagship features while allow me to purchase next budget/midranger or even last year's flagship for that matter at a lower price point!!!!

  7. Progimli

    Is it good to buy this telephone ahen i have a Huawei P10, i want it because of nattery, and camera.. But hardware is worse, not? 🙂 thanks

  8. ear3d

    Just got mine yesterday. So far I like it but the screen does not have the “pop” color/contrast wise as either the Samsung’s or Apple phones, the icons just look a bit dull. Also, no wireless charging mode which to me no big deal but would have liked.

  9. Joe Jackson 98

    There are a few key functions that you did not mention and that is the "Developer funtion". It allows you to manually change some settings of your phone to your choice. I would suggest you to enter into "Developer Settings" as you can change your animation time, window time and transition time for your opening and closing of apps and screens. You can set it to .5x or even off it totally, making your phone looks and perform way much faster.

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