Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Review After 3 Months – Still The Best BIG Budget Smartphone!

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Review After 3 Months – Still The Best BIG Budget Smartphone!
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47 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Review After 3 Months – Still The Best BIG Budget Smartphone!”

  1. Otto Radar

    Everything I need. NFC would be nice. Wish I knew about this earlier. I don't need the extra power of my mate 20x really. Will wait for the mi max 4 pro at this point.

    How does it work with Google? My Chinese version mate 20x doesn't even let settings stay for Google such as making it the voice input and doesn't permit 3rd party default launchers. Also doesn't have an LED notification. I'd rather not have a selfie camera. If the 4 keeps these features I might switch from Huawei. I liked Xiaomi when I had the original mi mix.

  2. John Richard

    Had this phone for 6 months and it's a great deal. I have large hands and bad eyes so the phone is perfect for me. Love that it still has 3.5 jack, IR remote control, and a battery that goes all day. The metal frame is nice I don't really like those glass phones.

  3. Jakkious Eliot

    I just happened to come across your video on the Xiaomi Mi Max 3, and I'm pretty impressed. You did an awesome review and I really like your on camera presence. Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your videos. Thank you

  4. Ajeet Paul

    I feel so good to watch this video in my own Mi max 3 just a big wow….I happy literally….this phone has not been launched In India as far as I know I till date ….but one of mine friend brought it online….It,s chinese version…But no trouble at all…well human desire has no limitation…so waiting for the next giant one….I just love big giant phone with big RAM ROM…I feel really like. I am holding my PHONE…..

  5. Grover Watson

    I've got 2 Xiaomi Mi Max 2 phones…. Bought a Mi max 3, but it had a boot loop issue Xiaomi couldn't fix, so I sent it back, and I'm waiting on a replacement phone.. I'm hooked on these huge phones!!!!

  6. Tinka Matika

    I bought this phone before one week and I regret iadvice you don't buy it's spoil my ears it does not have any protection also when I speak there is disturbance it's not clear also very painful in ears I feel until now . I returned it to repair . Plz my friends don't buy this phone better go for expensive and protected known brands than these new things . U budget for less but after u regret and end up sick or brain damage

  7. coltondrg?

    You know, while I do find the fingerprint scanner to be just a bit too high, if you actually think about the way the phone is made on the inside, it's clear that putting the sensor so high up allowed them to cram a bigger battery into the phone. It is still plenty comfortable to reach with two hands, and my hands seem to be big enough that I rarely have trouble reaching it with one hand either. I think it's a welcome trade-off for a bigger battery.

  8. mr man

    I love Xiaomi. Bought a Samsung note 8 because I thought I would get the best. But am missing the Xiaomi user interface. The response from Xiaomi developers to suggestions. The massive batteries Xiaomi's come with. Will go back to Xiaomi when my Samsung packs up, but that won't be for a while now. I guess.

  9. Nameless

    Please do me a favor! I've not managed to get a single person do this for me. Please measure the Length and Width of the display. Not the diagonal measurement.
    Have you tried taking night shots with a longer exposure with the phone stabalissed?

  10. Thanh Do Huu

    How is the GPS quality of this phone?
    I'm thinking about switching to this phone for the extra screen size and likely giving this phone to my brother.
    I'm currently using the Xiaomi note 5 and the GPS seems to be very unreliable, especially regarding the direction and I would have to read the map to figure out my direction instead. I don't really use GPS functionalities that much but I need them to work accurately when I have to use the map.

  11. don'tcheat youcowards

    mi max 3 is good & nice but huawei enjoy is much more beautiful with nice waterdrop notch, a much faster cpu, more screen to body ratio, louder dual speakers for movies & gaming, leather back to avoid nasty fingerprints & no slippery…

  12. djxput

    Whats your favorite big phone? Ive watched your 2 recent videos the mi max 3 and the honor 8xmax – both big phones … my honor note 8 just broke (broke the screen) and looking for a replacement. Which did you prefer to use or do you prefer another? thanks

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