Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Review – The BEST budget Phablet 2018 !

The new Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is here ! And Tradingshenzhen was so nice to send us a Mi Max3 for the Review. Check it out here:
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34 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Review – The BEST budget Phablet 2018 !”

  1. Paul Falconer

    Bluetooth Mic << Problem >> I have a Mi Max 3. There is one problem that I haven't seen conveyed in any review. The Bluetooth mic is only supported for phone calls not for messages, convos on other apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Skype or recorder or Google assistant … NO BLUETOOTH MIC. Can hear with the Bluetooth headset, but mic is simply not supported. Hardware is there, no software. I took my mobile to Mi for exchange, they tested and confirmed this. There response… Sorry, it's just not a function of this phone, bad luck

  2. 6thsun25

    i hought it had stereo speakers ot a least the top speaker was handling some of the sound thuss creating a pseudostereo sound….dissapointeed.

  3. Lucky Anthony

    Hi there,
    I have just received my Xiaomi mi max order however the phone came with global ROM OEDMIFD , will be able to receive OTA update once the globe version is available or is this Fake? I have been reading about it online and someone said it's a ROM and it's dangerous. Can you please advise me on this.

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