Xiaomi Mi Max 3 review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Xiaomi Mi Max 3’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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36 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi Max 3 review”

  1. Ralph Kenneth Bronzal

    help!!can someone here assist me how??

    case1:while im on call on sim one..i cant send sms on sim two.

    case2:most of the times names on inbox message didnt appear only numbers.

    thanks for the help

    xiami max3 user here

  2. ראובן כהן

    I'm with the ki max series allmost from the moment the first came out and i was with the first, the second and now the third and after that the forph one. I using this series of phones not only beacuse my vision disabillity, i using this series beacus i a lot in the road up to 6 hours a week so this is to watch movies and series on the go. So this phone good also the others in the road a lot to watch TV on the go

  3. 1mezion

    Did he say 6.9 inches? that is a tablet with a SIM card I like big phones but wow. Do xiaomi send regular updates to their phones

  4. Henry Noni

    I just bought this fone…just for watching live sports..because most of the time I'm away from home….it's awesome to use…and battery life is crazy awesome.

  5. solo

    I'm non of those, I used mi max 2, I'll be getting the max 4 . Honestly, every other phone looks to little for me now. I watch YouTube, soccer, Netflix . It's a multimedia tonic . Since I started using this phone, only use my iPhone when I want to play a particular game. By the way, I'm only 5.10" ..

  6. Ian Ngai

    I got one, the battery life is so satisfying so I can bring it anywhere without worrying about battery life.And I can even show slides to my clients on my MAX thx 2 the big screen.

  7. Bejunk Abu

    Hi Everybody.. Is Mi Max 3 still worth it for 2019 and really good for heavy games? I want know because i like big screen and big battery from mi max 3 and SD 636 is still good for 2019?tq

  8. C Chow

    I get seven days or more battery on this phone. My phone is always switched to battery save mode, and I put the screen to medium to low brightness. Everyday use would be serving the internet, watching few short videos, checking emails, making/receiving very long calls like 30mins to 2hrs, taking photos. Plus I run dual sim. Battery life is amazing!

  9. Peter Ramos

    This phone is really convenient for myself i been using this almost a month its not a disappointed its amazingly the greatest…. Games social text calls camera and the best the battery is a monster…???

  10. Jorge Villalobos

    How good is this phone in low light video? Let’s say for concerts. Also, how does it handle zoom in such type of videos. Thanks! Great video. I’m considering getting one of this. I use to have a Galaxy Mega 6.3. I love big screens and “phablets”.

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