Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 hands on: No Bezel Slider Phone

Read the full post: | The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 brings slider phones back with a futuristic touch, with four cameras, no bezels or notch and up to 10GB of RAM. This is the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 hands-on.

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30 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 hands on: No Bezel Slider Phone”

  1. Kris Carlon

    What's up guys! Fighting off plane sickness and end of October weariness, but so glad to have made it out to Beijing to see the Mi Mix 3. Let me know what you want to know!

  2. Kyle Cowden

    The notch doesn’t necessarily bug me as much as some people but I’d rather not have it. Plus I’m looking at switching back to Android from IOS at some point so this is an attractive option

  3. Gooby

    Right now im using Samsung Galaxy S5 neo

    Im in search of a new phone if possible as recent as possible because i dont want to buy one anytime soon
    Right now im stuck between
    Razer phone 2 and Mi Mix 3
    Any sugestion?

  4. Sfântul Andrei

    >at the beach
    >slide my phone to take a picture of me and my gf
    >somehow wind blows sand into my camera
    >somehow I slide it close
    >mfw the camera slide has gotten sad all over that created scratches

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