Xiaomi Mi8 vs iPhone X – Speed Test!

New 400 euro Xiaomi Mi8 vs £1000 euro iPhone X – Speed Test!
Xiaomi Mi8 Why pay any more?

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47 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi8 vs iPhone X – Speed Test!”

  1. abhai nag

    This comparison may be wrong as we are actually comparing platform, software written in android/IOS, hardware? technically MI hardware is much heavy. But if everything boils down to price, then iPhones are over priced always as they have huge set of synchronized gadgets world with lots of AI. If its for a simple use i guess MI is beast in those markets, which iPhone can never beat it. I also see a trend iPhone was compared with gold sometime in the second hand market, but now no more……!

  2. Reza Amriludwian

    If u kick out brand and price. I'll pick iphone. Because im an apple user. Pros: the ios, stable, and some features that much easier than android (tbh, its habit like sliding for delete etc)
    Mine now: mi8 (im apple user and never use andro)
    Why: that price and spec ofcourse!
    Cons: if you from apple user, u will miss some features in ios so much. Only that. The rest, pretty satisfied using mi8. No big deal for the price and wont regret if someday something happen. :))


    Ex-iPhone alltime user

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