Xiaomi Mi8 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 – Speed Test!

Xiaomi Mi8 Snapdragon 845 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Exynos 9810 – Speed, apps and software comparison!
Xiaomi Mi8 now available here

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25 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi8 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 – Speed Test!”

  1. xtgizuz -

    Yo compare el s9 ya que lo encuentro usado a 400 dólares y el mi 8 no lo encuentro solo nuevo y por 450 y la verdad me interesa más la cámara del s9

  2. Reza Amriludwian

    If mi 8 lose on some areas, just remember the price and think again about the specs compared to samsung flagship or iphone x maybe. Just crazy price. Deal with the mi 8 cons.

  3. TheEhrenmannDude [-LXN-]

    I bought S9. Yeah I know there are some "better" phone with lower price but I use my phones for about 3 years. And Samsung doesn't slow down. But Xaomi is yeah I don't know if it perform good in 3 years.

  4. desie66

    I just bought the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 pro… An awesome phone for the price… but the bugs are irritating as fuck! … It sometimes beeps for a new whatsapp message sometimes not.. my work app keeps freezing, which means I had to go back to my old phone..I think a lot of problems arise from Xiaomi's battery saving settings, which sucks coz it has a 4000mAh… I'll be selling this Xiaomi, bite the bullet and fork out the xtra for the Samsung 9 plus…

  5. Frank Flores

    The Mi8 is a great phone but the software though…. there has been issues with the software and also when you have 13 apps open like games or websites. Samsung wins because the game itself leaves it open and Xiaomi has to restart a game.

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