Xiaomi Pocophone F1 | Long-term review (with Pie!)

I’ve been using Xiaomi’s Pocophone F1 for a few months now and this great value smartphone was just updated with Android Pie – so I thought it perfect time to fully review the Poco with my long term experiences.

The Pocophone costs around £300 here in the UK, which is stunning value considering the specs and features. Specifically, the Poco boasts Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 platform, typically found on mobiles twice the price. Factor in the excellent battery life and you’re laughing.

Of course, the Pocophone F1 isn’t quite ideal. Besides the plastic design, I’m not a huge fan of MiUI 10 – although Android Pie is now on board, adding new features and improved gesture control. The Poco’s dual-lens camera falters in low light also, despite Xiaomi’s smart scene recognition.

Are you tempted by the Poco F1 as we head into 2019? Here in the UK there’s stiff competition from the Honor Play, Nokia 7 Plus and other rivals – check out my round-ups of the best budget smartphones, including my favourite affordable gaming mobiles for PubG.

27 Replies to “Xiaomi Pocophone F1 | Long-term review (with Pie!)”

  1. AVMW

    Just moved to the poco loco today finally decided to say goodbye to the good old pixel 2. Seems to be a decent phone so far and to be honest the face unlock thing double tap to turn on double tap to turn off and some other nifty little features make this phone a better purchase mind you I only paid 200£ for it from CEX lol so take that with a grain of sea salt

  2. GGMTV

    Multitouch issue; Screen bleeding issue; Bad brightness display sensor; No battery percentage indicator/status bar notifications; Battery drainage; Lags; Camera issue; Microphone issue; Distorted audio; Fingerprint scanner and face unlock issues; Android Auto won’t work; The phone won’t update. All the above have been reported – the microphone issue is probably the worst.

  3. ben owen

    I had a Pixel 2 XL last year until I lost it unfortunately, I'm seriously tempted by the Pocophone F1, worth the Snapdragon 845 and 6GB RAM but MI UI bothers me a little but I'm thinking I could just slap on a Pixel launcher and I can get back that Pixel experience and turn off all the unnecessary MI UI features and disable that notch. By the way, nice review.

  4. Avishek Mondal

    Im using the same phone,
    But i have an issue with my wifi download speed.

    I checked with my wifi router, everything's fine.
    Still i get the same issue.

    Do you have any suggestion, how to improve my wifi download speed?

    Is it firmware issue or software issue?

  5. χλαπατσας ς

    the phone is amazing for 250-300$ period
    I have heard different things about its build quality but its really fine.. almost premium to my eyes and feel..Nodge does not bothering me at all and the screen has nice quality also..

    the only one that is worthing the money is Oneplus 6 but still poco has better battery sd card availuability and its more expensive of course

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