Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Special Edition UNBOXING and REVIEW

Unboxing and Review of Xiaomi POCOPHONE / POCO F1 ARMOURED Edition- including Camera, Battery, Specs, and more. Final India Starting Price is Rs. 20,999 – The POCOPHONE F1 / POCO F1 is quite possibly the best budget Smartphone we’ve seen in 2018 – Prepare yourselves…

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42 Replies to “Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Special Edition UNBOXING and REVIEW”

  1. TheMister Mann

    Had my Pocophone for several months so far and so far so good. Until today. For some reason phone no longer shows incoming call ID nor is there anyway I can answer the call. It's not a case of caller with holding their ID, I've used other phones to call the Pocophone with same result. No incoming caller ID and no way of answering the call. Checked through the settings to see if something has been accidently changed but can find nothing. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks.

  2. ben owen

    Snapdragon 845, 6GB RAM, liquid cool tech, really good camera, did I mention this phone coats just $300/£300? The Pocophone F1 is the new flagship killer and my next phone.

  3. Sagar Verma

    Can you tell me what about the sides do they feel plastic in the special addition also? Because I’m assuming the entire is made out of Kevlar just want some in-depth

  4. ArokZ DP

    Hi MrWhosetheboss,
    Am needing your suggestion for this,
    Am planning to switch to Poco f1 from Oneplus 5t (my current device) reasons are,

    It has liquid cooling,
    Latest processor,
    Better battery.

    However am missing the AMOLED screen view, metal body, Oxygen os, Dash charging speed. But is it worth the change, please help me out.

    Many thanks

  5. Andrew Lee

    So. My Oppo R11 finally died so I had a good reason to buy a new phone. I've now just bought a pocophone, best decision ever and this was the video that tipped me over to go for gold. Cheers mate!

  6. Fat Fat

    Subscribed, if it wasn't for so many broken screens on durability test vids I'd buy two of them tomorrow. I'm still measuring, but as a car passionate, bad looking car with a crazy engine under the hood, we call them Sleepers, so F1 is a crazy sleeper for me 🙂

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