Xiaomi Redmi 5A Review: Best budget smartphone

What’s the best phone under $100?

Ever since we started GadgetMatch, this is a question we’ve received over and over but haven’t really been able to answer. That finally changes today.

The Redmi 5A is a solid proof that the experience on sub-$100 phones don’t have to suck, and easily gets the GadgetMatch Seal of Approval.



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49 Replies to “Xiaomi Redmi 5A Review: Best budget smartphone”

  1. drian mortiz

    I bet this device shall become the people's choice as excellent budget smartphone in the entire Philippine island. I guest it will be a matter of time, before the Xiaomi company will dominate the market sales, as the best low cost smartphone, nation wide. All because of its very good quality and great satisfactions for those users.

  2. Givi Alaznis'Pireli

    New idea to Xiaomi for your phones:

    Hello. We have two Xiaomi Redmi 5A mobile phone units in our family. One of these is wearing my son at school. Excellent devices, but, unfortunately, Xiaomi Redmi 5A have their minus, and in particular: in schools, students are forced to turn off the signal of mobile devices in the classroom, and after the lesson the children can not always remember to turn on the signal. And it happens that we, the parents, calling, we all calling.., however, they cannot be heard, because the signal is temporarily disconnected.

    Here's a new idea from me: I offer the following to the manufacturers of this phone: in menu should have possibility, that on working days the schoolboy could turn off the signal, say, from 9:00 to 14:00, and from 14:01 the device should turn on the signal. Thanks. This my idea I sent to Samsung aswell.

    Best wishes, author and
    publisher of newspaper "Noe",
    esoteric writer Givi Alaznis’Pireli
    from Republic of Georgia

    E-mail: alaznispireli@hotmail.com
    Phone: 995 577 458 144

  3. Syeda Shazia

    Please can anyone shares his experience over this REDMI 5-A. Kindly share your experience over this. Please share it your bad or Good experience on this Mobile Phone

  4. Syeda Shazia

    Can anyone please share his her experience over this phone. Because I am thinking to buy it on Saturday. Kindly can you share your experience so that I can judge whether it is good or not for the use.

  5. Dad & James

    In this era of resource demanding Apps and Games, you won't survive long with 2gb Ram and 16gb of rom, especially with a redmi that won't allow you to download Apps on a sd card. It's wiser to go for 3gb /32gb combo of this phone.

  6. Eleazar Sotomayor

    This is a good device..it has a nostalgic, sort of standard appeal for me..its snappy and takes good pictures, performance is good..this phone is a heaven sent device for those people begging to be saved from local brands that charges high for a crappy specd device..it is indeed a savior, but this savior is without its quirks..out of the 16gb ram 6gb will be used by the system, you will be left with 10, but wait..you will only be left with 7 to 6gb or rom left, as the pre installed apps take around 3-4gb rom, and then you get the firmware update that will eat up 1.4gb and will leave you with barely enough rom to be able to use this device properly, you would have to budget the left over rom for games and other apps to your liking..its either that or you root it so you can transfer apps on an sd card, which for the everyday juan is a reason to scratch their heads..as not only would that process void your warranty but also risk you having the phone bricked and deemed useless if not done right..but who can complain right? For a thousand pesos more I suggest yoh get the 3gb ram 32gb rom variant so you would be able to use the mi 5a as a daily companion..but hands down this will dessimate any local brand for specs, performance and price wise..

  7. Gold Medal

    pano po ba pag nasira yan maaayos po ba yan sa pilipinas?? just like firefly mobile hindi na sya naayos eh dahil walang mahanap ng Parts. pakisagot po.. balak ko pong bumili neto. tnx

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