Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Vs Lenovo K4 Note Vs Coolpad Note 3 Comparison

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Vs Lenovo K4 Note Vs Coolpad Note 3 Comparison. In this video, we will compare Redmi Note 3 with Lenovo K4 note and coolpad note 3.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 :
Lenovo K4 Note :
Coolpad note 3 Unboxing & hands on:

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30 Replies to “Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Vs Lenovo K4 Note Vs Coolpad Note 3 Comparison”

  1. aakashpatel121318

    me my brother has both phone k4 and redmi 3 we use it more than 4 month and I suggest k4 over redmi 3 it has good camera,no hitting issue,good os , good music,long battery life (main benefit) over redmi 3 as per our use experience

  2. Movie Buzz

    Gadget diary, I think you guys are born supporters of redmi..you are just praising redmi from the beginning to end of the video.if so then why to compare the phones…

  3. Mohit Revankar

    i want to buy redmi note 3 but some of my friends are telling me not to buy as it has heating issues and often hangs.. is that true ? and i have to run this phone for 2 years min cus i wont be getting a new soo should i go for it ?

  4. Rohaan Khan

    are you mad k4 note is better because it has nfc . Don't take it for granted and it has imporved in gaming after marshmellow upadate that was a bug and it also has now app locking

  5. Debojyoti Ghosh

    i have a redmi note 2, and its awful in connecting networks.. and lately it forgets even connecting on its own… and i dont like the over bright screen.. otherwise i love the phone…. So.. i want to know… would i face the same problems withe the note 3?
    And.. I wont mind ditching Xiaomi for Lenovo K4 Note.. but is that efficent enough in connecting networks better than what i am facing with RN2?

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